RedAlert will provide telephone and text advice to concerned members of public, friends or family of people detained in custody, particularly if they are being mistreated, are vulnerable or have died whilst in custody.

Some important points on what we do and don't do!

  • We do not (at least in the early phase) provide direct support by way of attending places of detention, victims homes or the homes of their family or friends.
  • We do not provide counselling or personal support services but can signpost to trusted agencies and community organisations.
  • We do not provide legal advice but can advise and signpost to accredited practices in the regions we cover.
  • We do not provide advice / support for victims of crime - Please contact Victim Support.
  • Our helpers are all currently volunteers who live and / or work in Birmingham / West Midlands.
  • We can give basic support and advice by telephone, email, support tickets and text messaging.
  • We provide an online interactive support & ticketing portal.

The above may change or be amended as the service develops.