The Network for Police Monitoring want to hear from you.

You can provide information to Netpol by e-mailing it to them at

Netpol are always interested in reports from activists in a community or protest context. They are not able to provide support for individual cases, but may in some cases be able to direct you to people who can.

Netpol are keen to hear from anyone who has had experience of the the following policing strategies:

  • Stop and search; detention for questioning at ports and airports (schedule 7); use of dispersal zones 
  • Demands for your name and address when stopped at searched or detained at protest; use of anti-social behaviour legislation (section 50) to obtain name and address; invasive photography or questionning at protests; police surveillance of political activity 
  • Restriction of movement at protest through the use of ‘kettles’ or other detention to prevent a ‘breach of the peace’; forced dispersal of demonstrations; excessive or unnecessary conditions imposed on protests; mass arrests 
  • Pre-emptive arrests; use of excessive sentences or bail conditions; use of unnecessary strip searches in custody; pressure to accept cautions or conditional cautions.

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