The Prisoners' Advice Service (PAS) is an independent registered charity. They do not accept Home Office or Prison Service funding as this may affect their independence.

What do they do?

  • PAS provides legal advice and information to prisoners in England and Wales regarding their rights, the application of the Prison Rules and conditions of imprisonment. 
  • PAS takes up prisoners’ complaints about their treatment inside prison by providing free advice and assistance on an individual and confidential basis, taking legal action where appropriate. 
  • PAS runs the Prisoners’ Legal Rights group, which produces a quarterly bulletin entitled ‘Prisoners’ Rights’. Membership of the group includes prisoners, solicitors, barristers, academics and non-governmental organisations. 

They can explain to you what the Prison Rules mean and how they affect you, and advise you if they are being wrongly applied in your case.


Address: PO Box 46199, London, EC1M 4XA

T: 0845 430 8923


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